For the Love Coffee

I’m sitting at a coffee people watching and enjoying my pumpkin latte. That’s just it. Never in my life have I ever met someone who does the same thing as I do.

Coffee shops are my home. So when I’m in one I’m comfortable and vulnerable to say the least. I love looking around observing what people do when drinking they’re beverage. How they communicate and interact with the world. Needless to say Interactions really rare.

If you guys have followed my blog for a while you would know that I took a social media cleanse for a couple months. It was the seriously the best thing that happened to me. I got to meet New people and interact with the world.

Not a lot of people do this anymore but I’m always recommending that you do. I met people who are now permanently in my life and who changed a lot of who I was. I got to conversate with others about topics you normally don’t talk about.

I met people in about every place you can think of coffee shops, buses, sidewalks, school, and stores. It was a refreshing take on life it got my creativity flowing again. Thanks to me not having my fingers glued on buttons and my eyes on screens 24/7 it gave me perspective, people, and places that I can have in my life.

Its crazy to think that this generation’s that’s all they run on. They’re electronics. Like we honestly don’t need this stuff. If we didn’t need them 10 yrs ago why on earth would we need them now.

Yes life has made it easier for us to be more successful and more productive well the depending on how we use it. But it’s also made the younger generation’s lazier and entitled which should not be the case but is.

In my life I’ve been given two pairs of eyes to see how it can affect our lives both positively and negatively. It can be a good thing at times to see a point of view from both perspectives. So what I’m asking from you is think about the next time you’re grabbing your phone or laptop and think “So I need to?” or just a habit? Maybe just MAYBE you are missing out on an opportunity or adventure that will never come again.

Yours always,



22 things I’m Thankful for

Every year for my birthday I do this post about 22 things that I’ve learned. Each year it’s always something different. We’ll this year I decided to do one for thanksgiving because it means so much to me. Here are 22 things I’m grateful for.

1. That I have such an amazing support system

2. I have a dog who’s always happy ( I don’t even know why).

3. That I can make people happy even on their darkest days.

4. That writing is my talent and passion in life.

5. That I have two amazing siblings who love me.

6. I have a family whos always there for me

7. For friends who I can really connect with.

8. FOR COFFEE!!!!!

9. To be able to get an education.

10. To have ambition in life and make a difference.

11. I’m grateful for more memories and stories to tell.

12. That no matter where I go someone always follows.

13. That I have a mom that raised me to be confident and ambitious.


15. To have inspiring and driven women to look up to.

16. For everyone I’ve met this year.

17. For a better relationship with God.

18. People who show me how to be a better person.

19. To travel the world and really look at it.

20. Celebrating birthdays

21. For great coffee shops

And 22. Another year of living a healthy and privileged life✌

Happy Thanksgiving

Yours truly,


Born to lead

In life we all take a path that speaks to us and is us.

Where i go they follow. That’s a statement that my life has related to on sooo many levels. In my life I’ve always been one to march to the beat of my own drum. The one who couldn’t care less about what others think of me. The only person that matters is me.

I was always one starting trends and liking whatever it is I like. I don’t care about what’s “in” or what’s cool. If I like that’s my cool.

In group projects and activites I was the one to get it together and if others didn’t cooperate or listen I left them behind.

Years later im writing this thinking I’m so glad I’m more grown as a leader. I lead people into making a mark in this world. I show them how capable they are of following their passion and love for life.

I LEAD BECAUSE IT’S WHAT SETS MY SOUL ON FIRE. I lead because god tells me to be the one make change to be the change. I’m forever grateful for having a voice to make something happen.

The job I have gets me to do that EVERY SINGLE DAY. And let me tell you it feels Invigorating.

I can literally leave this world anytime and proudly say “because of me someone didn’t give up”. I’ve actually inspired others and barely noticed it. Because let me tell you something it’s nice to blend on with everyone else BUT the courage you feel when your alone and taking the world be hand it’s unexplainable.

As a leader you learn as everyone else follows. It sometimes gets confusing on what you really want. Honestly I’m striving for progress not perfection. Because even though everyone else is going in one direction doesn”t mean you should too….they could be wrong.

For me it’s knowing who I am and what im defining. In life we get confused on what we want with what everyone else wants for us be careful with those words. As a leader I think I could never have an issue with thay because I’ve always known who I am. And who am i you ask?


Yours truly,


Footprints and shadows

Siblings. What is the first word that comes to you when think of yours?

Ever since I was little I could remember looking up to my siblings admiring about almost everything. Looked up to them when it came to food, music, and movies.

As i got older I started changing of course human nature kicks in.

But so much of me changed in the blink of an eye I became the dark one of the family. You see I have two older siblings and I’m the youngest. My sister is the oldest and is known as the total sweetheart. My brother the middle child is the one that has it all together and well me I’m the odd one out.

Of course I have such a complete different life compared to them of course. But I’m the one with the biggest mouth. I don’t allow bull from my family. I don’t take crap from people. I don’t people please what-so-ever. Growing up I didn’t see that i was so different and at the age I am right now I feel like it’s a bad thing. I know it’s not but there’s a part of me that just feels like I’m not good enough or that I should be a different person by the way I live and act.

Although I know what i’m doing with my life. I know what I’m born to be doing and know where I’m going with my life there’s this little voice inside my head that tells me why can’t i be as kind or accomplished as my siblings.

I know it’s great to not want what everyone else has and it’s great that i have my own idea of success. I guess this kind of thinking will never end.

I feel like my siblings are better than me with certain parts of my life. I know that’s not true and i shouldn’t think that way but it’s human to think that way. I don’t know if it’s the whole “younger sibling” thing hut it’s like an empty feeling. I don’t know if you guys ever felt like that or experienced something like this, butthis has been on my mind all week.


Where do I even start? How do I put the words that need to be said the most together?

One of the funniest things about life that I will never get is that the moment we’re going through something difficult or impacting a book or song hits us in the face and we instantly relate to it.

Lucky for me I’ve had 3 new albums I’ve listened too and two books that i read that feels like they were personally about me.

As the summer continues I can’t help but think too myself. What is going on with me? I can’t control any of my emotions at all. I feel like I’m losing it. I’m actually going crazy. I think to myself what’s gonna happen to all my relationships with all the people i know and love? I know I’m most likely to lose at least one. But I’m so scared to lose any of them. One espically to a person i met a few months ago and they have made me better by just coming into my life.

I think about how I’m going to change. How I’m gonna be homesick a lot. Most of all how I’m going to miss that one person I never got the chance to get close too.

I was too wrapped up in my life to see that I missed my chance to say the things that I’ll now never get to say. I often talk about how in life we have to speak up. Say what’ s on our minds because who knows if we’ll ever get another chance.

And I fucked up. I made a mistake that now there’s no way of actually fixing it. If that person is reading this. I know i messed up by never telling you how I actually felt and there will never be enough sorry’s to fix that.

But you deserve someone who’s gonna notice crap like this and they’re going to fix it before they see that it’s too late. Honestly i can’t continue to type all my thoughts and words down because it just hurts too much I’m sorry.

Yours always,


Found it in Silence

This title is from a song by the HAIM sister’s. And let me tell you this song was my epiphany. Hearing that is describing what I’ve been feeling these past few weeks it’s relieving.

The song talks about how they realized that what they finally found was by silence. NOT TALKING WAS THE SOLUTION. That this person they thought could fix them but what this person did was made them realize to walk away. 

That the best for them was to not look back and move on. This is what made me realize the same exact thing. That what I needed all this time was to walk away. To let this person go and see that they weren’t there for a reason.

I found it in this song that what I needed was to hear someone else go through the same thing and share what they know it is they have to do.

It’s crazy how a song can do that to you. How it says these words that when you listen they can put you in perspective and see what it really is that your life is trying to tell you. I have No idea if this person knows who they are but if they didn’t before they will definitely know now. 

Yours always,


It was all fearless

Hey there where do I begin?

Well to start off I’ve had a lot of time to think about me and what this month has to offer to me. Well let me tell you about that. 

In life I would say I take risks all the time. Always trying something terrifying, new, exciting, and of course something that inspires me. So I think I got a new risks to try and not just for me but for you too.

In life we stop ourselves from saying certain words that we are either scared of saying or the outcome of it. We hesitate for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. We often forget the words we stop ourselves from saying are the ones that will haunt us the longest. 

So what I want to do is say those words. To whoever it is either it’s to yourself or someone else. Write it in a letter or into a book millions might read one day. I think you deserve to look back at your life without a chorus of resounding words saying “I could’ve but it’s too late”. 

If you know how you feel and you so clearly know what you need to say you’ll know it. Don’t let fear and the outcome scare you from the million other outcomes that could happen. Don’t think about it just go and say it.

Yours always,