Well hello there. My Names Karina. I’m 22 years old. Currently living in So Cal. And  I thought you would like to know a couple of things about me.

  • Writing is the only way I know how to understand the world around me. ( hence the blog)
  • Coffee is my biggest downfall and takes half of my heart
  • I own a dog named jack
  • I currently have my A.a in English literature
  • San Francisco is my second home away from home
  • Traveling is the way to my heart
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about 9 yrs 
  • I believe that you get what you work for
  • Down the line I want to be a serious novelist and own a publishing company
  • I have a problem of having way too many books
  • “The beautiful and dammed” is my favorite novel
  •     O.chem is my thing
  • I love conversations over coffee
  • I’m a free spirited hippie
  • I’m always wearing fringe It’s my everyday look
  • I’m constantly singing (very loudly may I add)
  • I know how to juggle
  • Worship music sets my soul on fire
  • I talk wayyyy too much

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