Where do I even start? How do I put the words that need to be said the most together?

One of the funniest things about life that I will never get is that the moment we’re going through something difficult or impacting a book or song hits us in the face and we instantly relate to it.

Lucky for me I’ve had 3 new albums I’ve listened too and two books that i read that feels like they were personally about me.

As the summer continues I can’t help but think too myself. What is going on with me? I can’t control any of my emotions at all. I feel like I’m losing it. I’m actually going crazy. I think to myself what’s gonna happen to all my relationships with all the people i know and love? I know I’m most likely to lose at least one. But I’m so scared to lose any of them. One espically to a person i met a few months ago and they have made me better by just coming into my life.

I think about how I’m going to change. How I’m gonna be homesick a lot. Most of all how I’m going to miss that one person I never got the chance to get close too.

I was too wrapped up in my life to see that I missed my chance to say the things that I’ll now never get to say. I often talk about how in life we have to speak up. Say what’ s on our minds because who knows if we’ll ever get another chance.

And I fucked up. I made a mistake that now there’s no way of actually fixing it. If that person is reading this. I know i messed up by never telling you how I actually felt and there will never be enough sorry’s to fix that.

But you deserve someone who’s gonna notice crap like this and they’re going to fix it before they see that it’s too late. Honestly i can’t continue to type all my thoughts and words down because it just hurts too much I’m sorry.

Yours always,



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