Found it in Silence

This title is from a song by the HAIM sister’s. And let me tell you this song was my epiphany. Hearing that is describing what I’ve been feeling these past few weeks it’s relieving.

The song talks about how they realized that what they finally found was by silence. NOT TALKING WAS THE SOLUTION. That this person they thought could fix them but what this person did was made them realize to walk away. 

That the best for them was to not look back and move on. This is what made me realize the same exact thing. That what I needed all this time was to walk away. To let this person go and see that they weren’t there for a reason.

I found it in this song that what I needed was to hear someone else go through the same thing and share what they know it is they have to do.

It’s crazy how a song can do that to you. How it says these words that when you listen they can put you in perspective and see what it really is that your life is trying to tell you. I have No idea if this person knows who they are but if they didn’t before they will definitely know now. 

Yours always,



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