Farewells, goodbyes, and everything in between

Where do I even begin? I went to a school in a city I never really knew about. Not knowing 3 yrs later That I would actually grow an attachment to it and the people it had to offer.

I went to a school that I didn’t really want to go to. 3 years later and I’m tearing up and feeling heartache as I say my goodbyes. Knowing deep down I’m going to keep in touch with these people because this isn’t high school. We’re old enough to realize we went through so much crap to not be good friends.  

I didn’t know anything about riverside until a year into school. I was getting tired of Strbx so I yelped coffee places around the area. That’s when I found a coffee shop that looked like I would love. I was right I did love it, loved it so much I became a regular. It became a huge part of my day. 

2 years later and so much has changed since then. I got to know the people who made it feel so welcoming, the baristas there. It’s one thing to make it pleasant to be at but having about your entire brew crew make it feel comfortable that says a lot about all of y’all. 

I was such a stranger to riverside that having a place that made me feel relaxed it was comforting. 

Thank you to the classmates that became my friends. My lab partner that became my closest guy best friend. The people I would see every morning on my way to Molinos that became great company. The baristas at Molinos for being so inviting. To the friends I already had that became my closest confidant. 

Thank you to everyone who’s encouraged, supported, and been there for me when I was either at my Highest point of my lowest. All you didn’t have to be there but yet you chose to be there.

I can’t believe my time here is done. It’s been one hell of a adventure. I’m glad all you were there to be there with me. I can’t wait to see what all you have done in the future. I wish you the best in  all your future endeavors. Till than. This anteater has so much to get done before the fall.

Yours always,



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