Happy June

The first day of the month is always exciting and refreshing. It always seems to give me a different feeling each time. And I always love it. 

This month it’s as twice as exciting because I’m celebrating so many accomplishments. First off my birthday is tomorrow but I’m also celebrating the fact I will be going to my dream college this fall. I’ll be leaving an old path to start a new one. 

For the past 3 yrs I was so scared and nervous about the fact that it may not happen. That I may not be get to go to my first choice school. But I did it I got in. And I’m having all these mixed emotions. But the one emotion I’m feeling is relieved because I over came all this stress and so many anxiety attacks its unbelievable that I’m at a finish line ready to begin a new race. 

A few months who I started a new job not knowing what it had in store for me. Not knowing how well I was going to do. That I look back now and think I’ve managed to  overcome my fears from last year.

This month holds so much of my future it actually excites me a little too much. I want to say happy birth-month too all of you who have a special day coming up. And I hope with each and every year it only gets better. Have a great month y’all.

Yours always,



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