22 thing’s I’ve learned in 22 years

The 2nd of June has arrived. Last year I put up a post that told you what I learned in my 21 years of life. Here I am again with a whole new post of things I’ve learned in this past year. 

#1 I’ve learned to be more patient. It’s totally worth it. Believe me.

#2 I’ve learned That just because you didn’t have a great day doesn’t mean it has to end badly

#3 Nice girls finish first.

#4 Don’t compare yourself to someone else. You are a different person with a different life.

#5 Learn to ask for help. It’s been a struggle for me ever since I could remember but I’ve managed to do it

#6 Don’t ever be someone’s second choice. You are worth way more.

#7 I’ve learned that people come into your life for a certain reason. 

#8 Be kind no matter what the circumstance is.

#9 You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you.

#10 It’s better to regret something you did or said than regret not doing it.

#11 Be grateful for the things that make you different, don’t cover them up.

#12 Don’t over do the coffee!

#13 My biggest goal is to have happiness. To be overall happy with my life.

#14 I’ve learned that not everyone is meant to stay in your life.

#15 It’s okay to make mistakes lots of them just as long as you learn from them.

#16 When in doubt dance it out

#17. Regardless of how much you want someone in your life if it’s only you that’s wanting it do yourself a favor and let them go.

# 18 EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

#19 Treat yourself the way you want people to treat you.

#20 Don’t take the people you love for granted

#21 Mum is ALWAYS going to be right 

And #22 I still have so much to learn


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