You on my mind

1 a.m. and I just came home from being with someone else that isn’t you. The shame it taunts over me like a scent I can’t get rid of. 

EVERY time I said his name yours almost came out EVERY single time. When I looked up at him or looked into his eyes all I could see were his. I watch his hands go on me thinking why aren’t they yours.

I want you so bad. But knowing if I am on your mind like the way your on mines it keeps me up. Your voice haunts me replaying all the moments we’ve had together. You looking at me, me looking at me. 

I close my eyes wishing that when they open it would be you but every time I’m wrong. Hoping that when I graze my fingers through his hair that it would be yours. I crave your affection and attention. Till next time.
Yours always,



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