L.A to the Bay

Dear San Francisco, 

When I think about the places that make me happy and feel like home your the second half to my first thought. I never thought I could be so in love with a city. Practically for my entire life you are a consist place I always go back to.

Every time I go back to you I get the same emotions and it’s a mixture between happiness and excitement. Seeing that the place I’ve visted since I was a little girl and having all those memories. It’s an absolute pleasure and brings me so much life. It’s crazy to know a place so well and Not even grow up in it. 

You carry such an important aspect in my life. Friends and family, I mean I don’t care for some family there but for the most part you carry my godparents, cousins, and nephews. 

You know what’s so funny is that I’m closer to the family I have over there and have such an important bond with them more than the family I have over here that lives around me. I feel like they actually care for me and I can let my guard down with them. That means so much. My love for them is so strong and wonderful I’m proud to have a family like that. That’s why the last name Olague is special because it’s a bond and mixture like no other.

San fran you Will always be somewhere I can call home and feel like I am. Don’t know if it’s because you have my family or because I’ve made friendships that have lasted. Or because you carry such beauty all around you. 

I go back every time never wanting to leave but knowing that I have to. How lucky am I to have known you pretty much my entire life? I’d say I’ve lucked out. You are such a gem to be take in.  I always have the most amazing, beautiful, unexpected journey when I go back to you that’s  makes you so enticing. That what makes me come back. You are my home away from home and you have my gratitude for that.

From the girl who was raised from L.a. to The Bay.

Yours always,



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