They knew

She knew. Nothing was said but you could feel it. The way they were towards each other. The emotions weren’t the ones she would normally feel. She thought she was strong enough to finally let him go and go on with her life. Truth is she hurt so badly she kept in the tears felt the sharp pain in her chest and wanted more. She wasn’t sad though all these emotions were all coming from her feeling so pissed off and all that anger. From him not doing anything and just left her hanging.

    He knew. He saw what was happening, never got the nerve to say what he kept inside. He let her slip away even though she needed the kind of love he gave. He wanted her as well yet he still let things happen the way they did. He didn’t know it took everything in her to not go back to him. She didn’t look at him the way she used to. Effort was gone and so was she. 

    And in the end they both lost.

    Yours always,



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