The best compliment

Over the years I’ve managed to learn a talent I was ALWAYS terrible at.  LEARNING HOW TO TAKE A COMPLIMENT. If you know me there’s one thing I was horrible at that was it. You would thinks with the amount of compliments I gave out I would be a pro at taking them well HAHA that unfortunately was not the case for this girl. 

I guess with the mouth I have it was no question that giving out compliments was second nature to me. But for some reason when anyone gave one out to me well I would get red, shy, mumble “Oh thank you” or smile politely because I was just so flabbergasted. Unfortunately as I got older I learned that I need to learn how to take one well. 

Imagining the fact that I could act the same way as I got older well it made me cringe. So I decided that every time I got one I would experiment with different ways of taking it until there was one thing that just started feeling so natural. 

Until one day all that changed. For those of you who don’t know my past my faith in God didn’t get restored until about 3 yrs ago after i reconnecting with an old friend. She changed me for the good but also made me see that the world in a different perspective. 

That friend decided to take me to a bible study that was also her first time to. Well little did I know that night was gonna take me to bed with my heart full of sunshine and the cheesiest little kid smile I ever did have. 

I learned that night that all of us as individuals have had such different pasts but the one thing we have in common is that because of our past it lead us to come together that night. We did this little thing were we tell someone who stood out to us and tell them something beautiful. 

Well joke was on me. I had a few of those amazing people tell me something that just put me on cloud nine. “One word that comes out of you is BEAUTIFUL” and “You have a beautiful soul”. Never in my life did that word make me cry out of so much kindness and love I felt that day. Still makes me happy and smile. Not because that word is so nice to hear but because it was a word that I had never heard in that sentence that was said to me. 

To those people who said to me You will forever have my gratitude and are a blessing to making me feel so wonderful you are lovely and thanks to them though I’ve learned to give out compliments the actually mean more than looks ever will. Thank you thank you thank you for those precious words. Oh and it’s great to be back.

Yours always,



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