Every little thing

Today is monday. Honestly I’m so dead even with the amount of coffee I’ve already intaked.

How are you? Is been a while. I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t managed to post something up like I usually do. Trying to not get sidetracked all over again. I’ve been so wrapped up trying to get my crap together that I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t actually putting anything together. 

You see the way my mind works is if I don’t write anything for a while my mind gets all crammed up.  I tend to have a lot to say regardless of how long it’s been. I like to jot down my thoughts because at times I get some really great ideas that tend to come from them. And they have me come up with things I can incorporate into my life. 

So here I am jotting down everything I want to tell you guys. I don’t know how life works at all. I’ve learned that you just gotta take things the way they come. Acceptance is the first part of it. ACCEPTANCE. This word out of all has come to my mind so many times this year. It makes me devastated to see and witness the things I’ve heard and have been put into action.

Why are people so unaccepting of others I don’t think I’ll ever get why. I was taught that if that person regardless of who they are. If they are not hurting/bullying you, you have no right whatsoever to say or do anything to them that is wrong. I don’t care who you are. You have to learn how to accept people the way they are. If you learn to do that the easier not only your life gets but to others around you as well.

Acceptance plays a major role in our society. I don’t get why anyone is barely processing and learning how to just NOW. It’s always something that’s played a major role. But thanks to the half of the generation not caring it’s something that’s barely getting talked about. 

Its our duty to inform not only generations before and after us but the generation that is now CURRENTLY playing a huge part of how we can rise at the moment. Take time to acknowledge one another. Say hello smile and be kind. Help when it’s needed and know when you are. Know that to see change you need to be the one to start it. Don’t just exist in life. Live in it fully. Be the reason why someone has a smile on their face. Because to accept everyone and the way life is, is one thing. But to change how others can accept is something greater. 

Yours always,



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