Cb…..Be here

It’s hard to shake you out of my life, not because I always think about you, it’s because I rarely do.

It’s all a memory, I remember it too well still so raw and sweet after all these days. Remember the moments we had just looking at each other and could have an entire conversation ? 

All of it is long gone maybe I asked for too much. I hope you still have that voicemail. Why did you leave? Most importantly without saying goodbye. I keep thinking about it all trying to figure out what went wrong.

Everything fell apart, I’m here left broken a year later now knowing timing can’t heal this wound. I lost myself with you, your gone and I’m still missing. I keep writing about you. I don’t even know why anymore. Maybe it’s just a bad habit. I don’t know. Deep down I’m still hoping I run into you at the place we first met. I don’t go often anymore but when I do memories replay in my head. That’s the worst part because when I do all that comes out are tears and questions. I know you. It takes everything in me not to call. There were many times that I tried to run to you but I know that I can’t. There’s not a day where I don’t think about you. My best moments are when I was with you. You had the smile that made my day. I let go with you completely told you things I’ll never tell anyone. I hope your well. I hope you found what you were looking for. Did you become a mechanic? I hope you did. 

I wish you had taken me with you. If I had known what I know now. If’s will be repeated. Kinda tragic in a way. I hope your doing great things you were destined for it.

Yours always, 



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