A little more than that

When the word beauty comes to mind what do you think ? Is it physically, mentally, or verbally. For me it’s a little deeper than that.

Beauty for me is the soul. Ever since I could remember the soul Is what captures everything about you. Its what makes you, you. The soul can be Such a beautiful thing that nothing in the world could capture anything like it. 

Espically the right soul. Ever met someone who you know that person is like made for you in a way that you just can’t explain. Like you just get that person and everything about them. It could be friendly, romantic, or a hobby you both love so much. That’s what a soulmate is.

But let’s get back to the word beauty, because I totally got sidetracked right now. Beauty is a word I find so intriguing because all of us each have a different definition on it. When this word comes to mind most people think it means having a pretty face or body. Others it means have a personality that speaks to to you. And then there are the mother nature loving people like myself who think the sun and everything it touches is a work of beauty.

So next time When you think of beauty think of something that not only shines but speaks to you and makes YOU feel beautiful because you are.

Yours always,



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