Redefining a new year

Lately what I’ve been seeing is around talking about a new start. New year new me I hear it EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to judge upon that But for me that doesn’t exist, it never has. 

I grew up in a household where if you wanted a new start it doesn’t have to be a new year. A new beginning can happen when you want it to. If you want a fresh start that can happen whenever the Heck you want it to. 

A new beginning for me means More experiences. New adventures with new people. More love and stories to tell. It’s about growing as a person each and every day. Discovering more about yourself and others around you. It’s throwing yourself at more opportunities that come your way and taking risks. 

I have the mentality that I have to take at least one risk a day. It makes me feel alive and gives me a new way to look at things. 

Although I’m glad people who have New Year’s resolutions and ACTUALLY keep to them go you! But let’s be real that’s barely anyone. 

What I’m trying to get out there us that there is no time limit on anything. I know well except homework and paperwork for our careers but even that….just kidding. 

I want you to know that when you feel ready to change that one thing regardless of what it is. That is up to, to decide whether or not to do so. Hope this got ya thinking.

Yours always,



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