Who I am 

So as I grow with this blog there are always things changing about me. 

*99% of my body runs on coffee

*I watch Friends, How I met your mother and Gilmore girls religiously

*Traveling is my way of living

*I love Halloween but I LIVE FOR CHRISTMAS

*My favorite part of the day is when I wake up and when I go to sleep

*My favorite city in the world is Seattle

*I’m an aunt to three beautiful and crazy little kids

*I love going to the mountains I’m all about mother nature

*When I’m extremely tired I sometimes talk in my sleep

*I have gone to every concert tour Taylor Swift has had hardcore fan since I was 13

* I live my life by going after all my fears

* I’m not scared of dying it can be a beautiful thing.

* I love talking.

*the only way you can tell I like someone is when I look them in the eye a lot.

*I can’t stand when people can’t keep their word it’s breaking a promise

*Pasadena will always have my heart

*I have uncontrollable road rage. It’s pretty gruesome

* My favorite dessert will always be Tiramisu


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