Human interaction

Growing up in my generation I remember either being outside running wild or doing activities such as arts in crafts or what not. I look back in My life and think wow I had a crazy amazing and unforgettable childhood I had. I had a childhood full of life, laughter, and love. I think about the times my parents and my siblings and I would go outside and bbq and have a water balloon fight. I go back to the times my brother, cousins and I would go up to the roof of the backhouse and jump off into the Trampoline.  Boy did we enjoy getting hurt a lot. I look back on how fearless I was as a kid  literally throwing myself at every opportunity which is something I still have as a young adult. But what really comes to my head nowadays is the amount of actual interaction we have with one another. There’s really none except the amount of small talk we have to do when we take orders or give them that’s all about it. I don’t remember a time where cell phones were more important than making conversation with people around you. I know my parents didn’t grow up that way nor did my siblings. I remember making a full conversation with almost anybody I met. It’s crazy to think the the media and technology has changed all that in just a couple of years. My face was glued to a book not a phone. I loved doing just about anything and everything that had to do with being able to move and learn. I look at kids who are under the age of 10 yrs And they’re looking up YouTube videos or playing video games.  Hardly playing with one another I have nieces and my nephew who do the exact same thing but with them I make sure they only get limited hours of it so they know what the world looks like. I like them to experience everything they possibly can.  What saddens me though is that other kids from generation and below not all of me are gonna have someone to get them off they’re gadgets and gizmos. I mean I think they’ll be okay but they won’t have people skills or know how to carry a great conversation. Isn’t that such a scary thought? I never thought for once we’d all have our faces into a device that does and doesn’t do just about anything. Such an utter disappointment. Kinda tragic in a Way only in ways will certain people know what’s it’s like to be in a full invested conversation. I personally feel that’s the the only way to truly getting to know someone. I mean social media is great and so is texting but really talking face to face where you could see each other’s expressions and hear one another’s voice is such a personal and intimate way to make friends and be social. I’ll post more about this tomorrow till than.

Yours Always,



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