Dear Danielle

Wow it’s been years. What can I really say well I think this letter will get me to tell you everything I never said and wish I said. So if you are reading this please continue because in a way this is actual closure for me and I hope for you as well.

Dear Danielle,

First & Foremost I’m Sorry. Sorry for the way things went down and ended like a wildfire. I’m sorry that we both lost something that was special at one point. I hope your doing well and that everything you wanted at one point you got. I hope your happy with your life overall. In life unexpected things and events hit us all the time and we’ll have curve balls all the time but I guess a few years I never thought we’d be living separate lives I mean there were times where it seemed that it would fall apart . But now I can see how and why it ended. In the back of my mind I guess I kinda always knew. I have many questions about all of it. Some of it we both may not know the answer to and there will be some where you do. But whether you choose to answer them or not well that’s all on you. I sometimes question was our friendship even real? If it was were there only parts of it or was the entire thing so authentic? I question how much did you really care about the friendship we had?  And did it even matter to you? Regardless of what you think I do have to thank you. Because after it all went down in flames I became someone different in the best possible way. You took a lot from but also made me realize a whole lot more. I became so much more confident, happier, and Okay with being on my own. I realize that as we got older the friendship became toxic and took a lot of energy from me. In a way things only got better of course it was like a bruise and hurt in the beginning but it only got better from there. You taught how to not treat people, them regardless of how they end up feeling. I hope you changed. I don’t expect for you to respond and you don’t have to but I hope you don’t regret anything you did in your past. It was nice knowing you.

Yours always,



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