Possible at being impossible

Where do I even begin to start?!? This week has just been the highlight of my year. Nothing but incredible news has been coming my way and my support system has shown me how great it is these things are happening. With furthering my education like every student I feel like I’m going through hell. There were times where I honestly felt like dropping out but keep in the back of my mind that all this will be completely with it in the end.

Usually I keep quite about my school I’ve, not really saying too much about it. But… This is just my pure golden moment. Every semester I dread my awful thoughts about failing a class or even getting a c. This semester how ever I accomplished on passing every class with not only an A but with honors and ended on the deans list. Being honest I didn’t even know how big of a deal it was and is to be on such an academic list of achievements. When I started passing the news around family and friends that’s when I realized its huge. I kinda don’t like putting personal achievements out there but I’m just too ecstatic and proud.

Like a lot of people don’t know this about me but when in the past it was difficult for me to be able pass a class. So from where I started till where I’m at now. Not only is it a huge deal but it’s another achievement in itself. I don’t know how it gets better than this. And now I sound like I’m quoting a Taylor swift song (that’s because I am lol). But I just want to thank you all for all the support, love, encouragement, and time you all have given me it’s more than just appreciated. Sce this pretty much made me week. Expect to hear from me tomorrow

Yours Always,



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