perfect at not being perfect

I think we all come into a time in our lives where we have the excessive need to be perfect. Well if you guys don’t than I do. I don’t know what it is the idea of having to be at a specific point in my life where everything just has to go a certain way. Having to go more than a few extra miles when it all comes down to who’s done the most who’s more of an over achiever.

That’s what I grew up aiming to be. Just like the rest of us. Truth being told as I got older the less I tried the more I accomplished, but the less I cared. I think it was the fact that I was literally putting myself against everyone I knew. It was damaging me more than helping. Luckily it’s gotten less to me as I grow out of my past but I still have my moments where I look at social media and see younger generations than myself accomplish more than I have at the moment and I think to myself what am I doing with  my life??

Sometimes its better to just step back and kinda see where you are in your life and how much you want in it. Not what you think you want what your heart and soul crave.  What will really makes  you shine.  We often get caught up in social media thinking we want and need things that we don’t actually want. Just because someone else has is doesn’t mean you do. Don’t forget we’re all human beings with different ways of being, thinking, living and personalities. We can’t all like the same things and that’s normal to be that way.  I feel we all need to let the idea of mastering perfection, that it isn’t real will never be and can’t happen. Trust me coming from the youngest in my family putting so much pressure and success on myself is enough. Not a day goes by where I don’t think I’m not good enough for someone or something. I always have that doubt in my and at times though it may not always show I’m sure as hell thinking it.

So I’m here to tell you get off that  youtubbers Instagram get off your ex’s page. Turn it all off And ask yourself what do you want to accomplish? Who are you? What do you want in your future? Because now is the time to make things happen for yourself. To become the best version of yourself. And now I don’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll continue this later.

Yours Always,



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