Left speechless

I want to say so much but I don’t how or where to start. Do I talk about how it gets me upset that Thanksgiving is more Commercial and advertisement.  That others (because I don’t go out shopping the after thanksgiving unless it’s for coffee or food) how they put on this act of being thankful, grateful,and  gracious. When they’re the ones “preparing” for a day of shopping for  crap they don’t need.

How Thanksgiving Lost it’s meaning and how I hardly know anyone that sits around the dinner table and saying grace. What happened to it? What happened to it being such a wonderful day of being thankful for what you already have and who you got in your life?

Growing up I remember each year being so wonderful. How I would wake up Thanksgiving morning to the smell the of well pumpkin everything. How I would get up and dressed to see the annual Thanksgiving parade with my cousin. As I started getting older I would help cook and prepare the foods that we all enjoyed shoving down our throats lol.

I remember the entire family gathering together. Getting hurt from flag football because I was such a tiny little shit. And eating more than I was supposed to and getting the sick later that night. What happened to that sweet sweet joys. The love and  kindness we all had shown each other ?

If I were to write down everything I am grateful for well it would never end. But instead I’ll just write down one thing I’m grateful for and hope you guys take the time to  figure what you are really truly grateful for. I’m grateful for finding myself again because for a while I was lost. And it scared me I didn’t think I’d find myself and who I was again. Tomorrow I’ll post something a little more special but till than have a a great Wednesday.

Yours Always,



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