Dear sister

Where do I even begin? To the person who’s my second mom. You are one of the most amazing, impeccable people that I will ever meet. For twenty one years you Have stood by my side right or wrong. When I’m at my worst and of course my best. Only person in my life I can be my whole self with. I’ve thanked you a million times but still that doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Like there’s not enough thank you’s, I love you’s in the world to express how much I really mean it. I thank god you are my sister. You and I both often complaint about how we are more like mother and daughter. But sometimes we don’t realize that if we never had the age difference and the way that all the this that happened the way it did we would never have this incredible relationship.

Even this letter isn’t enough to express my gratitude and apprecication. There are so many things I want to tell you so here they go.

Dear Jen,

My life wouldn’t Be fantastic if you weren’t in it. My love for you will never die but will continue to grow. You are such a selfless pain in the ass like all the time, but I would never want to change that. You helped find my self and my voice. You helped me create me. Guided me when I needed it the most and supported even when I would fight you. Where there for me and took me to my recitals, choir and band performances, my swim meets and cheer practice. Took me to my tutor sessions and school fairs. Dropped me off the first day of high school and you were there for my last. Thank you thank you thank you. Because you never had to do any of that any of it. Β  But the fact that you did You have greatness upon you. You make life so much better. With you there can literally never be a dull moment. I don’t know what I would without you. I love to the moon, stars, galaxies and all the way back. Ohhhh and MMU!!πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘–

Your Caffeine drinking pizza eating moody ass little sister who’s always singing,

love always




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