A letter to my future self

In a couple years I have no idea where in life I’ll be. Will I live in America still? Or knowing me I would probably be living in the south of France? I could go on and on asking questions that aren’t even there in the mere future. But right now I just want to give myself a heads up and tell myself the things I hope I’ll never forget.

Dear Future Me,

How are you? Do you still wear hats all the time and drink americanos?  How’s life treating you so far? I hope everything you wanted 10 yrs ago you ended up getting. Did you ever tell that one guy how you felt? I sure hope you did you thought about him so much if you never told him he missed out. Have you changed your view on life? I hope not life is a beautiful and miraculous thing you should always treasure. Did you end up moving? I hope that went well. As your reading this I hope your drinking coffee and reading with the view from your window sill because knowing you that’s where you’ll be. Dear me are you happy? I hope that goal didn’t change and that you are. In my life right now you are. You love everything about your life right now and your going to school. You love school so much because you love learning how great you are in English and writing and you like trying to figure out math problems even though 99% of the time you can never get it fully right. You love socializing but you can be quite the introvert when you want to be. Right now you’re expressing yourself not only through social media but a blog you created on February 9th, 2016. When you were 21 and you loved a boy who left to the army and never even said goodbye. They paid the price.She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.  And everything was her future. That heart breakturned into what you are reading right now her blog. In other posts you’ll read that because of her pain she turned to writing to the public about what happened and why it did. Future me never forget your self worth and how remarkable you are. Never forget the people that taught you that. I hope your patience has grown. Don’t forget to call your family they miss you. I hope you still dance with our nieces and teach them more Taylor swift lyrics. I hope you taught your nephew to be nothing but normal. Remember to call mon and tay and tell them “Thank you” and “I love you” trust me they will want to hear that. Please stay the same crazy, free spirited, fearless, confident and passionate person you are right at this moment. I would never want that to change. Stay authentic and humble. Don’t lose the fire you have for English literature or any type of writing. That’s who you are, what made you. Keep the spark you have in your eyes and the light in your heart. Become a better version of yourself. And last but not least Never rely on anyone else for your happiness. I hope as times comes you will read this and say all the things that were on here are true.

Yours Always,



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