The complete opposite

We don’t get many opportunities in life whether the chances are slim or high. Life is full of unexpected turns . Including this one.sometimes we view certain things or all things the way we want to. Which is completely normal but then we get blindsided how exactly we’re looking at things and we never get a chance to look at it differently.

And that’s where I came up with the title. I’m describing the view we’re not looking at clear enough. Sometimes the view is posting sometimes it’s the one we don’t want to look at. Most likely the one that scares us the most. That’s why I have the tendency to not do so. I’m beginning to look at a certain view in few other ways. And those ways may either have me all screwed upend whatever I wanted to happen is history. And well that’s just it. I mean I could be wrong but I’m sure I’m not.

As a positive person I end looking at things in the most positive and optimistic way. That usually bites me in the butt. Because facing reality all results that I want to actually well they don’t, like ever. Which blows because my happiness gets killed. Honestly that’s not really new. Haha I’m being so positive right now. Well this topic just confused the f out of me lol. Till than

Yours Always,



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