Living a replica of someone else’s life

There are a lot of things I notice in my everyday life. I tend to focus more on the positive aspect of the things I do notice. I’m honestly just gonna get right into it because this is something. I feel everyone should be aware of this because it’s something that can happen to everyone especially if your on social media.

Recently I discovered quite a few people trying to create a replica of my Instagram. Don’t get me wrong I know that they say imitation is the highest form of flattery but not when it’s grabbing my attention more than it should. I’m not okay with someone trying to recreate my life and put it as their own. I’m always telling you all to be original and authentic never be scared to show your true self off. Not feeling like you should have to hide a part of yourself and put up a front.

I’ve also noticed that This is not only happening to me but it’s happening to others as well. I feel like this is taking a part of me away because your taking away my authenticity of what and who I am. So to those people who know who they are do the both of us a favor and delete it all and start creating yourself and who you are. And to those who are copying others lay off them and stop trying to be someone else.

Social media is a place for every single one of us to enjoy and to enjoy each others lives.. That’s taken away when someone does or start something negative toward and directed at some one. Don’t be that person, this place is hard enough to get through life without getting bullied, tormented, hurt, and angry. Let’s make it easier for us to enjoy and spread kindness and love.

Yours Always,



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