Is appearance everything?

Here i am finding myself questioning how of good of a person am I really? Am I really who I think I am? Truth being told I’m not. It’s not that I’m lying saying I’m this incredible person who is kind hearted. But like a human being I struggle with finding  who it is that resembles my views, beliefs, And system. I try every moment I can to be the best version of myself. Whether it’s an action or verbally  every single thing counts.

Why am I talking about this you are questioning? Well yesterday while on my way to class I was people watching and observing how we all interact with one another. How we pick our friends and why we do so. I started learning and realizing that all of us as people we judge by appearance immensely. Like I didn’t think it was this bad but as I’m taking notice I’m horrified with what I’m observing. To know that people analyze you from head to toe and have the nerve to judge you and belittle you it just disgust me so much.

No one in this world has that right to do that to you. That’s such an inhumaine thing to do. So from here on out no matter who, what , or where I’m at or doing I’m going to completely stop myself from doing something that I’m so completely against. And I ask you to do the same. I’m pretty positive that you wouldn’t want someone doing the same to you so why would you do it? It doesn’t make sense. We get so caught up in life we often forget that judging others could become such a cruel action and realizing that not only are we are damaging others we’re damaging ourselves.

The fact that we are judging one another by appearance and not by who we really are it’s such sad realization.  I hope you all take what I’m saying into consideration and y be kind and open minded about everyone else around you till tomorrow.

Yours Always,








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