Don’t have a clue what I’m doing

So the title pretty much says it all. No idea what I’m doing. Like at all. I find this so funny because I’m always getting told how inspiring I am or other things that mean a lot to me. But being honest I have no clue what I, doing with my life, this blog, my future or my education. I mean the stuff I post up on here are from things I have personally been through it’s stuff that comes from my heart that comes easy to me. I sometimes wonder if that’s a bad thing.  But than I also gotta take into notice that my writing is the way it is & why I like it that way. The style of writing I inspire to come off as is Fitzgerald. If you know me well you know that Fitzgerald is my favorite writer and novelists. Cliché as it sounds it accurate to the T. But how Fitzgerald comes off as and portrays every character in his novels it’s genius, personal, emotional, and so well detail-oriented. A reason why reading his work always has me feeling a different emotion every time.  And I just realized that all I’ve been talking about is Fitzgerald so I’ll end on this note and hope all of you have a great ass Monday!

Your Always,


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