Aspiring to inspire before I expire

So this week it’s been full of news, news, news. And this news just sparkles everything else in my life up. I’ve never felt so revived and brand new. I’m always trying my best to keep a positive mindset and not have any high expectations. But to know my worth and how great I can be and become. But this just hit me right in the face in the greatest way I didn’t know could possibly happen.

You guys could probably tell if you know me well enough. That this is either a new job or a new life haha I’m kidding on the second one. I normally don’t talk about who I work for and where and what exactly it is I do. I still probably won’t buuttt like I want to just talk wbout hoe great of an opportunity this is for me. And I’m just excited to be jumping into a career that will set my life on fire. I’ve never felt so empowered to be doing something I love.

I get to work on and with people who will treat me as an individual. More importantly as an equal who gets to express herself and her say. To me that’s more than enough to feel like I’m working on what I want to do later on and still be inspired. To know that people I never knew I existed or people who are so close to me that will be reading or seeing the material I put out there. It’s insane right now putting this all down on paper and knowing that right there is my reality and future. Well here’s to New experiences, new people, great adventures and one hell of a bright future.

Yours Always,




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