Complete dismay & utter belief


I woke up yesterday with a lot of hope & faith that not only things could change for the good but for the best. I had so much energy and love to know that our future can change immensely. I was ecstatic to go to the polls and vote for change. I was moved by how many of us out there were spreading the word trying our hardest to get people to vote and become something great. But sadly that wasn’t good enough.

Others can go ahead and say you only voted for Clinton because she is a women when in reality that is by far from the truth. I had followed Clinton since she started campaigning. Part of being a U.S. Citizen is doing your homework and knowing who your voting for and why. I chose to follow her because she stood out and lead her campaign with a positive image and felt like she even believed it herself. I wanted to know my facts and vote for someone I can connect my views with. I had high hopes and no expectations but maybe that’s what went wrong. I should’ve fully believed that Clinton. Could’ve won. I don’t know guys it’s just such a shame. To fully be invested in something I love learning and discussing about and it go into a complete downfall.

Today I woke up and I felt and still feel like I’m in a nightmare. Like this is something I cannot wake up from and say it was a terrible nightmare that should’ve never happened. To top it all off we have to face this really harsh fact for the next four years. How great Is that? I also hope you guys know that what I’m posting today is supposed to be my homework so if by any chance my professor is reading this (Shout out to professor BERCH!) haha justttt kidding.

So today instead of being all depressed and draining and all so negative like a Debbie downer I’m trying to look at the bright side. Wanting to be positive and optimistic regardless of what goes down. Because honestly what already happened, happened we can’t do anything about it anymore and we have to accept that. We have to accept the fact that the only thing we change is our prospective and attitude toward certain things. So leaving here hopeful and optimistic I hope you guys take what I’m putting down here and putting it into your own attitude And views.

Yours Always,



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