the time has come

So today is the day we find out if we’re all gonna leave the U.S or we’re safe for the moment being lol.Regardless of who’s in the election just be sure to vote every fiber of our being counts on it. And if you are choosing not to because you don’t like who’s being elected well sorry to tell but give off your high horse and live with it. Just vote figure out who more you can count on and go with that.

I’m not gonna lie I’m scared shitless. I have tons of hope and faith but what’s I’m more concerned about is what can happen. Why lie this election has been so crappy and scandalous. It’s hard to actually determine what might go down. It’s gonna be so intense but I’ve studied hard, done my reading and have made my decisions on all of things their covering today. There’s a quote that I’ve been seeing around that in case you guys don’t actually notice it’s says “Don’t boo, vote!” And I agree if you don’t vote  you have have no right to complaint about what props make it, and who’s wins president and everything else in between. Keep that in mind. Don’t vote, don’t complaint. All I have to say for today. Don’t want to start a controversy on who I’m voting for and why.

Yours Always,








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