Something to be said

This past month has been a roller coaster that just seems to never stop. There are things to be said today that I want people to know because I’ve honestly had enough. My viewer and subscriber have increased but recently it’s been having a toll on my social media accounts.  I choose not to have more than because it would be too much of a hassle and there’s no point. But if this keeps happening I might have to change my mind.

A couple of days ago I was receiving some pretty harsh comments on my Instagram pictures. With comments that had nothing to do with what I was posting on there. To put the comments to rest I deleted them but to those people this is for them. I use my social media to build a platform for myself and promote who I want to become or already am. It’s a positive place for me to be myself and share what I love. But when you guys are commenting on what I’m posting on my blog on there first off that’s unnecessary when you guys could just ask me. I’m always answering readers questions regardless of what exactly they are. I’m also aware that most of you guys making these comments are people who I USED to know in high school that never talked to me or were pretty close to me but over the years we just happened to lose touch. That’s normal and okay but it’s not okay that you take whatever I post and make about yourself when facts are they weren’t and won’t be.

It’s ridiculous that I have to post something up on my blog telling people to stop doing this. That if you were a good friend to me a few years back that you have nothing to worry about, because I don’t talk negatively about others but if you think I do what are you doing reading my blog and following me on social media? Think about it. I always say what and why I started this blog but having to explain myself every time is unnecessary. To those of you who make this wonderful comments and have nothing but positive feedback thank you and I will be forever grateful for letting me do what I love. Thank you for choosing to ask and tell me great things. But to those of you who aren’t it upsets me because I dislike having to have something like this posted up on my blog that doesn’t make me feel happy or cheerful. I have nothing else to say so who knows if I’ll be posting anything later on. I guess we’ll find out.

Yours Always,



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