A free person

Over the years I’ve come to live a lifestyle that I found works for me. Everyone does and the crazy part is that the way we all live in some ways their exact and in other ways they are so different. A few years back I would’ve never noticed this and probably would never think about this topic too much. In my recent years that has changed with who I’ve  become and how I define my life.

So I always love talking about this topic so for me it just comes naturally. Honestly I’m just gonna throw out so many words  and try to make them sound so put together (when in reality we all know I’m a big mess). As I’m typing this down I’m realizing I have a really deep man voice. So to begin I guess. I live my life very care free and wild. I have my morals, values, and I forgot what else I was gonna put but when I remember I’ll come back to this and fix it. If I remember to come back and fix it feel free to laugh at me.

So back to my lifestyle  I had said its carefree and it pretty much goes well with my personality I tend to be myself. I like running around and singing. I’m a huge goofball I mess with my friends, talk in different accents and do umm well weird facial expressions. I try to help someone whenever I can and be there as good person. I treat people the way I want to be treated. And I look for the best in people and try to bring out the best in them. I enjoy talk to people about the things that fascinate me and make me so passionate. I love admiring how people live the way they want regardless of others thoughts and opinions. How they live so carelessly and mindlessly.

A major part of my lifestyle is my education. I love learning and expanding the mind and opening new doors. My favorite thing in the world if you couldn’t tell already is English literature and Novels. Every part of that world is amazing and magnificent to me. I’ve always found it so inticing and captivating. That part of me is the one that will always shine through. That’s where you really can see who I am and everything about me. I like to live a life that lets me be creative and is based on striving for whatever it is that makes you happy.

As I get older I try as much as I possibly can to travel often. Traveling to me is one of the most important things in the world. It helps you grow and learn. You get to see the world upfront and discover things you never even knew existed. You get to meet people who will change your life for a little while or permanently. To me that’s one of the ,out remarkable things ts offered to us. It doesn’t matter where you travel as long as you want to be there present and feeling alive. It’s about loving where your at discovering  more about who you are and what you love. It’s learning more about yourself.

Another thing about my lifestyle is music. Everyone loves itand it’s something we all have in common. For me me music has to speak to my soul and my life in order for me to feel it to live in it. It’s such an incredible feeling when you hear a song that speaks to you or uplifts your spirit. I can bet a lot that not enough people  think about this or feel this way. But then again do they really love what they’re hearing? Makes you think doesn’t it?

Well I’ll continue to discuss this tomorrow until then.

Yours Always,






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