Where do I even begin with this topic? I love talking about soulmates because to me that’s such an intimate and private topic to discuss. There’s so many different meanings and ideas on of one especially in this generation. So I wanted to discuss with all of you wonderful people the topic is to me.

To me a there are different and several types of soul mates not just one. I believe there are several types of soul mates for different types for different things. For me there are musical taste soul mates, let’s get coffee every day together soulmate, friend soul mates. There are different types well at least for me. There are physical soul mates where you just feel physical attraction and nothing else and then there’s personality attracion when the only thing you find invigorating is the person and you want nothing else.

As I believe there are different types for different things I also believe you met them once in your lifetime so if you feel like you have you met them don’t let them go. Because whatever it may be that you guys have between the two of you that right there is special and extrodinary and many people go years trying to find someone they can have that with. It’s beautiful to have that with certain people in your life.

Soulmates are such a intimate and one of a kind thing to come upon to in life. It gives life a whole new meaning. To me when you’ve met one you’ll know it. Something about your life changes, it could be you or somethings so small but It’ll be noticeable. Something about you will feel something new or some sort of emotion you just can’t put together.

I believe I’ve met a few of mine but I just don’t try hard enough to keep them in my life or they weren’t meant for keeps. And I’m okay with that. I wasn’t before but I am now I mean there will come a time in life where certain people will want to stay in my life and have that connection most people look for. But I don’t want to look, when you look it just spreads further apart. I don’t think it gets easier or better but hers gotta be something that makes it all worth it. Until then I’ve said what I needed one say.

Yours Always,



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