To my future lover

To the guy that made it into the next chapter of my life well I wish you so much luck and patience with me. I’m a huge pain in the ass and am such a smartass. I hope you were the one to make the first move. I hope you are everything I need in a s/o. Know that I’m not great with functioning as a person. I can hardly ever admit when I’m wrong but when I am I will eventually admit it. Please be patient with me because I’m not at all. Know I will give you all my love and give you my 100% on Whatever it is you need from me. I hope you drink as much coffee as I do. Make sure you have coffee brewing at all times. I hope you are one of the few that will understand how much writing means to me. And don’t try to discourage me from it or tell me it’d be more of a hobby. Note that I love having time to myself so please don’t get mad when I need it. Please be aware that I’m not a girl who wants a teddy bear or have “The notebook ” as her favorite movie. I hope you put effort in detail. I don’t care about the most beautiful restaurant in Los Angeles you could take me to a local coffee shop or a book store and make the happiest person ever. Know that everything I do is for a reason. I won’t jump to conclusions or judge you for something you did in your past although I think what you did in your past defines who you are now and in the future. I hope you can deal with how spontaneous I am and indecisive I will always be. I hope you don’t give up easily on me. I will give you what you give to me. know that passion means everything to me. That no matter how much I change my mind that I won’t ever do something to purposely hurt you. If we get in fights that you won’t lash out. But if you do I will love you the same. That if I lash out to put me in my place and not give me a choice to stay. But if I leave go after me because if you don’t that’ll be the last time you see me. That no matter how hard it gets to never give up. Please don’t judge me for any of my decisions. Last but not least I’m glad someone like you came into my life.  Yours always, Kaffienated kia


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