To my best friend

I can remember it like it was yesterday. In 8th grade Mrs. Jacobs choir class, your cousin Leeann introduced us remember? We hit it off instantly, one part I would remember is that we loved Taylor swift  lol. I’m looking back at it now thinking how crazy is it to know someone for this long? We had no idea how insane we we’re gonna make each other’s lives. I think that’s best part. I smile writing this all down because we fight a lot but we also love a lot. Our friendship is Crazy every aspect of it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life. I can go to you for anything and you won’t have any judgement. I can trust that you will give your honest opinion and your best advice. My life changed when you came into it. We’re miles away but distance has nothing on us. If anything it’s shown me that it can make someone closer to you. We suck at being there for one another at times, I annoy you , you annoy me we laugh till both of us have too pee. We cry when it’s time to let go. We happy jump for each other’s success and Mourn when we’re stressed. I will never forget all the adventures we’ve gone on. When we went to Disneyland when we we’re 14 or when we caked each other’s face at your sisters party. Every time I’m with you I can do the stupidest thing and you join me. I tell a really bad joke and you tell me to never try to tell anyone like ever. One of the few people I probably will ever order a pizza at 1 in the morning because it’s your birthday. I can have the best conversations with you and it makes my day that I have someone that special in my life. We may not be able to see other often but when we do its like we never stopped. I’m not one to always express my feelings for people especially friends but with you I’ve gotten so good at it. Here’s to seven years of staying up late and being crazy idiots. Love your coffee drinking soul mate.👯❤️    Your little espresso bean, Karina 


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