Free spirit

It’s  so hard to to not get caught up in social media nowadays. What latest trends there are, what’s in style, I don’t even know half of it. Social media has a lot to do with your personality and who you are. Sometimes though  it can make you think stuff about yourself that’s not true. I recently got into this black hole that somehow felt like I was in deep depression. It felt awful like I couldn’t breathe and it I stopped trying to be my best at everything. I felt lost, confused, sad, and lonely all things that I’ve never really felt, not like this. I didn’t know where to turn to or who. I quickly turned to social media seeing a lot of other people felt this way too. The difference between those people and I are that they’re trying to rely on someone else to get To where they want to be and with myself I know by now that the only person that can do that is you. I thought to myself why am I relating myself to people who don’t know how to live life freely and who are still so childish?I’m perfectly happy with who I am and my life, each day my life gets better and it’s everything I want. I don’t like being a burden in others lives still don’t but I realized at that moment I’ve never turned to someone else to get me out my funk or anything else so why start now? That’s not who I am I’m the only person that can get myself in and out of certain things. So I’m giving myself a reality check and trying to keep busy and healthy day by day. I saw that I will never turn to social media to cope with anything that I’m feeling. That’s not the way to go. That’s not who I am. I know my worth I don’t need anyone else to remind me that. I don’t have to rely on anyone else for my happiness or to feel great. As I’m writing this I want you all to take a little something out of here and try not to do what I do. I hope you don’t rely on anyone for your happiness or to know you are an amazing human being who will one day do incredible things. Till than. Yours always, kaffienatedkia




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