For the fear of it

Hello there again. So I’d like to discuss something important with you all that has to deal with all of us and how we are on a daily basis. On my last post I decided to talk about the meaning of fearless and what it means to me. I will always stand by that meaning.  What I wanted to talk to you guys about is that just because it’s my definition of being fearless doesn’t mean it has to be yours. My point was that no matter what your fear is that you go for it. In life we never get the same moment back so why regret something you never got to do, when you can go for it and regret that you did do it. I’m telling you this from all my personal experiences and yes you get scared and your terrified but the greatest part is not knowing what result your gonna get. I’m always thrilled by fears there’s something so exhilarating about going after them. About finally putting that fear to the side that stopped you from going whatever it is you wanted. I feel in a way that all the leaders, amid people who’ve made some sort of history that’s what they did. Isn’t that so inspiring? To know that one little thing was holding you back. That one little thing is gonna change somewhat of our future. I get excited just talking about it. So take what I’m telling  you as of right now and just go for it. Don’t make excuses, don’t look too much into it or let your fear stop you. Just do it, you know you want to. Till tomorrow.               Yours Always, kaffienatedkia


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