What this is

So a while back I had admitted creating this blog from writing a letter to someone telling them how I feel & all things I never got to say. After that I just started writing to about everyone who left without having the chance to say something. Now as I look at it, I’m glad I gave this idea a full chance. So now once again I’ll be writing to someone and as usual, someone that I barely know.
I love social media I think it’s great, especially if your shy like me. I mean I can be extremely talkative but in most cases someone has to crack that shell. So when it comes to revealing how I feel in most cases it’ll be in person or sometimes I don’t get to. This post is mainly for  my snap chatters, But specifically I have someone in mind. I honestly don’t know how to go about this I mean if you had feelings for someone would you?
I’ve come to know this certain person & not much but it’s casual. So I think it would be normal for me to start catching feelings for this guy. I really don’t want to admit it but I’ve got to do something even if it isn’t much. So i’m gonna say it on here. Maybe they’ll see it maybe they won’t worth a shot. I’m not gonna give out his name nor any details but I’m hoping he knows who he is because well than just blows & takes the main point of this post. If he knows who he is, well than I want you to message me. So I can tell you something personally. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.
I think the scariest part is not knowing how this person feels about me. Not knowing anything at all just completely throwing myself out there. I’m surprised I haven’t psyched myself out yet. But it’s Fight or flight right? I hope he has gotten the clue that I’m into him. I don’t follow someone on Instagram for no reason & than add them on Snapchat right after that. Then for a moment I had a nice moment where they messaged me commenting on a snap & I thought HOLY CRAP. That moment is kinda blurry because I was freaking out. Now that I think about it  , it’s not that big of a deal anymore. I still freak whenever I get the nerve to snap him but him, but I know it doesn’t mean much to him. If he’s reading this lol I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Well till than.
                                Yours Always,

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