For a minute there

I’ve started to notice something that I’ve been doing since I first started up this blog. That’s the fact that I only talk about the things that have negative affects in my life. Don’t get me wrong There a few positive, happy posts that are up here that I’m very proud of writing but that’s not what I want this blog to be about. That’s not who I am, if anything I’m the exact opposite. So for now on I’m gonna change the aspect of this bog. I’m gonna renovate into who I am & what makes all of this so special. I was thinking about taking down all the posts that were just bad but I have this blog to look back on my life & see how much I’ve changed & how far I’ve come from where I used to be. So for those of you who stuck around since the beginning thank you & I hope you continue.
So In this post you will read that I’m beginning to go back to being who I used to be which isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. But I am changing my scenery, friends, and way of living. I’m always reading about how all these people never live life, your alive but not living. I think it all depends on who’s life it is & how you so clearly enjoy it. I mean just because I Iove going to coffee shops all the time & reading doesn’t mean the person next does as well. I feel alive by having some quality time to myself & drinking a delicious americano while  trying to figure out how my day is gonna be & how I want it to end.
I used to think that, “living life” was doing extreme things all the time every day. As I’ve grown I see that my view on that has changed but other people still think that. Living life isn’t supposed to be what everyone else is terrified of but what you’re terrified of. What makes you cringe or think,  “Holy crap did I just do that?!” That to me that is my definition of living. It’s doing or saying things that terrify you but still jumping anyway’s regardless of the outcome. The definition doesn’t have to be for everyone but it does for me. Well until tomorrow.
                         Yours Always,

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