#50 random facts



      Hello there again, well to start off I think I’m gonna hit you guys with fact that an estimated average of you readers asked for a random facts post. I loved doing the Q & A post so of course I went for it. I tried to get & slim down facts that some of you know & things no one in the world knows. So I’m likely to humiliate myself & you will laugh. Now scroll down.
#1 I Looovvveee Almond butter like I buy the travel packs at target so I always have some with me wherever I go
#2 I love learning new languages, I even have an app on my phone for every language so I learn something new everyday
#3 I’m the worlds clumsiest person, I can’t eat without dropping something on myself & I cannot walk without tripping
#4 If my sister doesn’t like you, most likely I won’t either, she has the best intuition especially if it’s about my friends
#5 I’ve only been in hardcore lovestruck love two times, each love was different but they both hurt
#6 I’m a vegetarian, I want to say for a couple years now
#7 I have a free hand drawn poster of Justin Timberlake I got for christmas that my best friend drew, it’s beautiful
#8 A person I inspire to be is someone between Winston Churchill & Ellen degeneres
#9 I’m always singing
#10 I was in choir from the 4th grade till my senior year of high school
#11 My favorite disney character is Alice
#12 When I was younger I used to enter Hula hoop contests & won 1st place every time, it was pretty cool
#13 I change who I am every year to make it a new era, but my beliefs, views & goals never change
#14 I came up with the idea of my blog by writing a letter to someone I had feelings for but never got to tell that person. This was for them. Best thing that’s ever happened to me.
#15 I thought that 98% of the people in my high school were too cocky & conceited, now that I look at it they were
#16 As i got older I realized the only person that has the power to make you feel terrible is yourself no one else matters
#17 I love hand written letters, something about them makes the so personal & magical
#18 I no longer hate math but it still hates me
#19 If I got to choose one magical power it’d be teleportation I would love to visit the world within a week
#20 I have two Older siblings, a brother & a sister
#21 My favorite book is The Beautiful & The Damned
#22 I can’t stand people who have no table manners it’s just gross for me
#23 I regret dying my hair it was such a pretty color before I did anything it.
#24 I have a promise to myself that I will never regret the things I’ve done & did, because everything happens for a reason
#25 If it weren’t for my nieces & nephew I wouldn’t like kids. Actually being honest the only ones I can stand & like/love are just them 3.
#26 I’m afraid to be like my extended family, every single one of them are the type of people you are shown not to be.
#27 Which brings me to why I’m not close to any cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I don’t see how those kind of people could honestly be blood
#28 I can be the most loyal person in the world but do something to hurt me & I will haunt your ass
#29 I can’t stand when people try to be like me, be authentic & original theres no other you in the world
#30 I eat gelato not ice cream
#31 I love garden burgers & black bean burgers they are just amazing
#32 Six Flags has been my favorite amusement park since I was 10 (that’s when I could start riding every roller coaster at the park lol)
#33 I love baking seasonal treats
#34 I love having a free spirit because of that I’ve risked so many things & went for my passion.
#35 I’m  a huge smart ass with a big mouth but Ive learned how to use it when it’s needed.
#36 I’m so scared to ever have kids I fear that I won’t be able to give them more than what my parents gave me (shoutout to my parents for setting the bar & standards high)
#37 I think marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, the relationship itself is more important
#38 I sometimes wonder what my career would’ve been if I was taller 5 ft. B/c style, fashion, & art are something I passionately talk about
#39 I try to eat healthy but my guilty pleasure is pizza & hot cheetos but not together
#40 Growing up I didn’t like the mole next to lips I felt so weird but thanks Marilyn Monroe I got the confidence to rock a red lip & feel glamorous now I feel so exotic & unique that I’ve learned to embrace it.
#41 My favorite store will always be Free People about my entire closet is full of their clothing items
#42 I always try to get acrylic nails but I guess they’re not for everyone
#43 I’ve learned that if someone doesn’t want to be apart of your life to make it easier for them & just leave
#44 I love it when someone asks me how my day is
#45 A song that I feel a connection to is Taylor Swifts “New Romantics” It talks about how all these people, whether they were close & personal with you or just complete strangers how they tried to tear you down, rip you apart, hurt you, & say cruel awful things, that you rose to the occasion. That you took with what they threw at you and made it into this wonderful amazing piece of work & now you’re  the one who’s getting the best outcome.
#46 I believe there is more than one type of soulmate for you. Each one for something different.
#47 I wish some people saw what I see in them
#48 I will never give up on showing someone how great they are
#49 I’m a leader not a follower
and last but not least
#50 My number one goal in life is to be happy.











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