Happy National Coffee Day!

Well Happy National Coffee Day! Today as you all know is the day I forward to the most out of all the holidays in the year. You may not see it as much but I definitely do. It’s my favorite holiday for a reason. All of us have a holiday that were insanely in love with for some reason I get to celebrate it mines in every kind of way & well everyday. I thought since I get a lot of coffee related questions That it would be pretty rad to answer all things caffeine related. So thnx for questions now here are your coffee related q’s. I might also regret this later on.
  1. When did you first start drinking coffee?
               – I  don’t have a clue, My mum would give me some when i was little of course just a few sips & as i got older of course it gradually increased I want to say 15?
  1. What did you first start drinking as a starter?
           – I right started drinking black coffee, and as i started learning more about what types and how strong you can get them of course I went to espresso shots.
  1. When do you drink coffee?
            – ALL DAY, regardless of time
  1. How many cups do you drink a day?
         – I have no idea, probably a little more than the average coffee drinker
  1. Who do you drink coffee with?
          – Alone & with anyone I live for caffeine
  1. Is coffee a meal replacement?
         -Oh  yeah, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’m not hungry because of all the caffeine I drink
  1. Does coffee improve your mental focus?
        – I don’t even notice being honest
  1. At what age would you let your child drink coffee?
        -Probably 16 ya know so I can bond with them lol
  1. Cell phone or coffee?
        – Is that even a real question?
  1. What does your daily coffee cup look like?
          – Empty
  1.  How do you feel about coffee?
          –      I love it, the only thing I’ll probably ever be committed to.
  1. Do you drink flavored coffee?
         – I drink all types, except hazelnut it’s too sweet for me.
  1. What’s your favorite coffee drink?
        – I love americanos and any type of espresso
  1. Most of the time you buy?
        –    Stumptown
  1. What kind do you buy often?
      – Blue bottle
  1. What brand of coffee do you drink the most?
          – Stumptown
  1. What kind of brewer do you use the most to make your everyday coffee?
         – A Moka pot
  1. Do you buy your coffee online or at a local store?
       – Depends the brand & how fresh
  1. Do you always buy coffee from the same brand or roaster?
      – I try to
  1. How often do you go out for coffee?
    – 6 to 9 times a week
  1. What type of coffee shops do you go to?
       – I have to rely on Starbucks because I don’t have independent coffee shops but I do do to a Coffee shop near my school that’s mainly where I’m at half the time.
Thanks for the questions today guys! Enjoyed answering & realized I know wayyyy too much about coffee than I should. Well again Happy National Coffee Day!☕️☕️ Have a great Thursday!
                         Yours Aways,

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