Choices, decisions, & options

In life we always have things to decide. Deciding to whether or not do something specifically, all these things are options & choices. Sometimes we decide for ourselves other times someone else chooses for us. And that’s okay for that to happen, it’s going to happen a lot. When we do have the choice to make our own decision and actually go through with it, sometimes we end up making one we regret later on in life. That’s alright too, that’s how we learn. We’re all human & we make mistakes at times at times though we might have to be careful of making sure those mistakes won’t come back & haunt us. They’re not what haunts us the fact that we ourselves mad that decision, that’s what does. The fact that we had that power & to go through with it thinking at that time it was the right thing to have chosen it sickens all of us.
But thats one of the most beautiful things about life is that you live you learn. We all make mistakes from time to time, but how far can you go when you make the same mistake twice? Or knowing the first time you make a mistake even though that decision is remarkably life changing that you you’re choosing an option thats gonna be filled with regrets & consequences. This is about someone who I found out recently had the option to stay or leave to do whatever it is they had to do. I look at what they decided and I think are they taking the easy way out or are they just trying to remove themselves permanently from the entire problem.
The way I look at it though if it weren’t for them because of them this entire problem even happened. This wouldn’t have happened if it were just me. And I totally get it that you may never be able to in control of one particular thing but you do have control over yourself & certain decisions. It’s ultimately up to you & you know what you’re doing. So when you know you’re making the wrong decision quickly think to yourself that you can’t go back & fix that. You can’t say that you didn’t have an option or you dint know what you were getting yourself into. Because you knew exactly it was you chose & what was gonna happen. So it can’t be a mistake or can’t be something you regret because this entire thing was all on you.
     Options, decisions, & choices they are all something we have an amount of control on. The only way to look at it is that if you keep repeating to yourself I made the right decision &  don’t go back on it. That’s the way to keep it truthful & reliable if you don’t look at it as a mistake, you can look at it as a learning experience and take what you learned & not do it again. You gotta keep in mind that it happens to everyone & we all go through some sort of experience like this. Don’t have this as personal baggage you don’t want that. Hope you learned little something haha.
Yours Always,

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