First time

The title might throw you off a bit it’s not what you think I might be talking about. What I’m talking about is that first time you did something that was gonna change your life. The time you performed in the bedroom lol just kidding guys. I’m talking about moments in life where you decide to ultimately go for it. To take the incredible risk of not knowing you’re going to be successful at whatever it is you decide to do. Or decide to ask that girl you always see around on a date. Whatever it is you decide to do taking the leap of faith & not knowing could change your life without knowing it will at the moment.
Isn’t that one of the greatest things in life, not knowing. In life you are given two options to take a risk or to settle for whatever’s second best. I’m not one to get scared & run from the things that scare me the most if anything I go after them. It takes a lot out of me to go for something I’m completely terrified of. I’ve been doing this for years & I always get the same exact feeling but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So whatever the reason is of doing something for the first time just absolutely go for it. If you’re  completely sure that’s what you want & you know it’’ll be great go for it.
The first time in anything you do it’s always great. Especially if it’s something that makes you happy. A thing I’ve learned about life is that happiness can never be bought. It’s something that naturally comes into your life. A way of who you are & how you live that makes you become that person. It’s okay if you aren’t that person right now but I hope you will be in future. Everyone deserves that amazing breathless moment of just feeling joy & happiness & have this incredible cheesy ass smile from ear to ear. Because without all of you who have made my blog & I successful I would never be doing I’m so fully in love with & passionate about. You are the greatest.
                                 Yours Always,

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