Your Bohemian Gypsy

When you are asked describe yourself in a few words, what comes to mind? Funny, Intelligent, Talented? I get this question so much I decided to write an entire post about it, because I can’t describe myself in just a few words or any exact one but I can describe myself in details.
A few years ago if you’d ask me to describe myself I’d probably say the same as any basic person. Now though it’s completely different I’ve grown in so many ways that I describe myself now & It’s far from what a lot of people would say about themselves. I’m not your casual & basic girl if you hadn’t already noticed. I wouldn’t say I’m unique because than I’d be lying but I can say I’m not average.
Let me start off by saying who I was is nowhere close to who I am now. I used to be this girl who was always primped, groomed, & to hair out of place. That was in high school I had the nicest shoes, with the most eclectic outfit you could spot from the entire school. I was always taking risk with my choice of clothing. I think that’s why I loved it so much. It was different from who I was & what I’ve seen. My personality itself has changed I used to be so high-maintenance & had a stick up my a**. I was always a snob when it came down to music, novels, films, & about anything in general. Not like I did it on purpose just wasn’t exactly used to it.
             I guess to start off I’m a Sarcastic, Sassy, Indecisive, Passionate, Happy, Warm soul, Bohemian Gypsy, who is nothing but a free spirit. I travel because I love to experience everything the world has to offer. I love getting to know new places. I love everything the world has to offer to me. I all things through eyes of beauty & kindness. I live my life by experiencing my fears & learning from them. I’m a natural born leader who goes by her own opinion. I have no need in the world to please anyone except myself.
I guess I’d like to clarify why I call myself a Bohemian gypsy. I feel a bohemian gypsy isn’t just how one dresses. Although that’s what a lot of people think nowadays with layers of lace, printed clothing, & cool cutouts that usually have a tons of fringe who wouldn’t want to be called one BUT dressing like one and actually being one are two completely different things. A bohemian gypsy is one who lives through life freely regardless of what others think. A human being who lives life the way they want & loving very minute they learn something new.
Another way to describe one is to not have a specific definition of one. It’s just being wild at heart. I feel like I could call myself one by the way I live & who I am in the inside. Hoped you enjoy this piece.
                   Yours Aways,

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