Identifying myself

She is peace away from the city
She is where balance is found
She is an escape for those who seek to venture
A warm soul who envelopes your very being
She understands your hunger
She feeds your passions
She re-energizes the soul
She breathes fresh life into your tired spirit
She challenges you; to climb and to rise above
The very habits and fears that bound you
Let the rugged terrain teach you of the simplicities of overcoming
And the knowledge guide you to embrace the purity in life
Walk with her, do not run
For it is with time and with patience you allow yourself to grow to your freest state
Break the barrier
Like a rose ready to blossom
Let the desert sun nourish your seeds
And tear apart the bud that held you
Spread your petals far and wide
Anew , refreshed, revived
Radiate your light & shine on

In the midst of the desert, a rose is born.
I am a Bohemian gypsy.

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