To all the boys I ever loved

   To the first one Thank you for Teaching me that I can’t just wait for great things to happen to me. Thank you for showing that there are better things out there. And for most of all letting go,  because of you I’ve had a lot to live for. I didn’t know How capable I was of doing the great things. You showed me the best things in life which was following my passion. I’m sure you will always be on the sidelines supporting me for whatever it is I’m doing with my life. You always have & I’ll do the same for you. You never fail to amaze me when you are there for me when I’m at my worst but you also help me to get my best. I know it’s been a while but you will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you, thank for all that you did.
To my second I’m so glad you showed me how much someone can disappoint you. You taught the hardest lessons in life but also taught me the important ones. You hurt me, showed me all the drama someone can bring in your life. Taught that being on your own is okay & keeping some of your private life somewhat private is okay. You taught me that there are people out there who will try their best & hardest to make you sure you fail & fall hard on your face. One of the biggest things you taught me though is that some people will never change. Thank you for leaving when you did. But thank you for being motivating to do my best.
To my third one you were everything to me. You taught me so much & I taught you about things you didn’t know. I didn’t think that I could’ve ever gotten so lucky to have someone like you ever in my life. You were such an important person to me I grew as a teen into a young adult. You taught me that I could go get anything my heart desires no matter what it is. You taught me the only person that should get a say on what I want in my life is myself. You taught me that no matter how many times I fail & how badly I can always get back up. You taught me to love no matter what. I don’t know if you keep tabs on me still but if you’re still watching me thank you for everything from the one car ride to you being my support system. I will always think of you, especially when I’m writing.
I guess in life there are people we will never forget. About every person you encounter in your life they’ll have something to teach you. Whether it’s something you already knew or something you knew nothing about. We want to forget these people  or they will always remain in our life (and we want them to). Some do good while others give you pain. You can never identify people with how they look or talk, you can with how they treat the most important people in their life. To all the boys who thought I moved to fast or burned to bright, thank you for your doubt & negativity look where it got me.
    Yours always – kaffienatedkia

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