The power of Technology & social media

Think about it when was the last time you didn’t touch that electronic device? While some of us have come to that moment of waiting in a time consuming line or for a class to finish it’s that bad habit of ours to reach for that device thats glued to our hips 24/7 instead of daydreaming or thinking about how our schedule looks for the next day, we grab that phone or laptop and click on the app that has a brown camera or a white bird that expresses our thoughts. Instead of truly doing something meaningful.
I feel like in a way all media & technology has taken over our lives completely. Just the other day I decided to take the bus to go get some coffee & as I looked around my surroundings I saw not one person that didn’t have a phone or tablet in their hands, looking at their screens. I would say it was disappointing but lets be realistic it didn’t shock me one bit. It’s something you grow accustomed to sad but honestly true. I don’t think anyone can go a day without any social media or tech. I can say I have but not the way it should happen. My phone died on me & wouldn’t charge and I wouldn’t be able to get one in 3 days so it was 2 more days than anticipated and not the way I wanted it. Although I did survive, it was incredibly weird & every time I wanted to check my phone for a text or social media notification it was something new & different.
In a way though it was reviving & refreshing. Just think about it you don’t have to worry if you have to respond to someone or checking to see if your phone needs to be charged. You don’t have to worry about where you last left it, trust me that one happened to me every time I touched my phone. It was agonizing & I got that oh god panic moment like you felt your life was over… but it really wasn’t you’re just dramatic & couldn’t bare the thought. Thats exactly what I’m talking about. I find this awfully wrong 10 years ago we did not live off our devices or fully rely on them lil you life depended on it. So why does it have to be different now?
Every time I look up I see others looking down into their hands that hold a cellphone, tablet, or iPad. Others may not see this as a bad thing especially the companies that are selling these devices to us but it’s good to take a break from all of that & look around you. Take in all that life has given you. The air, people, smells, & surroundings. You weren’t put on this earth to look at a screen all da you were here to become something great to yourself & someone else. Instead of reading about others success go & make your own. In the end of our lives were all just stories to tell so make yours worth telling.
Yours Always,

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