A pair of eyes

There you are right across from me, glancing right at me when I’m not looking. Turning away when I am. Looking like your about to come up to me & say something but you don’t. Hoping I won’t remember who you are, but we both know I do. Your the one who I kept seeing last semester. The one who would sit in front of me on certain days of the week at certain times of the day. The one who I kept making eye contact with. The one who would ironically have coffee in their hands when I did. The one who I never got a chance to meet or say hello to. The one who caught my eye.

I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t think there’s a way too. I could finally do something about it but every time I get the chance too I screw it all up by chickening out. All that ever ends up happening is I tell myself I could do it & by the chance I get up I end up freaking out & just don’t do it. You don’t really notice or are aware of what you are actually doing. Well at least it seems that  way. All I can remember from everything are those eyes. They were the first thing I liked about you.

You always had a pair of sunglasses on every time I saw you. Then a few minutes passed & you would take them off rub your eyes together as if you were wearing those glasses for a long time & look around as it were a whole new world without something covering your eyes. Then when I wasn’t looking at you, you would glare at me. I know because I would glare back at you incase you didn’t notice. At times our eyes would meet by accident because we didn’t know we were looking at one another. That was my highlight of the day. Your eyes said something to me by just looking into mine.

Like you were telling me your deepest secret. Th feeling you gave me overall it was exhilarating. The way a roller coaster feels right when your about to take the big dip. When I flashback to looking into your eyes it takes me back to everything. From where it all started. When you would sit in front of me fall semester when we had the same break between classes. When you drink the school coffee & I had my Starbucks. When you would be the doing the same thing I was doing which was writing but you didn’t know that. Wherever you are now I hope you’re doing well & hope you’re happy. Thanks for having me in your wildest dreams.

                  Yours Always,



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