I don’t know anymore

Have you ever just stopped knowing what was gonna happen? Have you just stopped to think what made everything change? How did it all come down to this? Most importantly why? Why did it have to happen like this? Why is it different? Questions like this will be left unanswered I’m giving it up & forgetting it all.

Well at first I was. As days past by I start to wonder how long. How long is this gonna take for me to move to on. For me to get over it & realize your not good for me. The worst part is that now I know. I know why I can’t, why this happened, & why I let go. It took one simple thing for me to feel & it all fell into place. I know in my gut that all this was never meant to happen but it just did. I have left you so many questions to answer yet I can’t understand why. I want to put all of this huge mess behind me but fact is I just can’t.

There are moments in my life where I catch myself going back to that dark place I was once in. I’m no longer at that scary place but I do I can go back & easily. That’s a dark thought but the truth. As I write this I’m hoping I get something out of this. I don’t even care what it is, it just has to be something. I can’t go on with my life thinking every little detail about what happened between us. That’s not healthy & that’s not who I am, I don’t plan on being like that. I hope to grow not fall apart.

I thought I knew what you wanted turns out I was wrong. Or at least it seemed that way.  What you did made me think that what I wanted was gonna happen. That it could’ve happened. I don’t know why you would do that. I just hope you don’t do it again to someone else. Heres to a better post next time.

                           Yours Always,





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