That song

Theres this song I always listen to that’s called Untouchable. It’s a song about how your so into someone who is so desperately out of reach. How you wish they would say “let’s be together”. How they say one thing but do another. Most importantly that you know how deep your in that you don’t know if what your ding is right or is it just in your mind & you should just   throw it out.

The reason this song is always something I listen too it’s because I don’t think theres any other song that describes how I feel in the beginning of any type of relationship. It’s something I always fall back on like a good book that you know so well. The song applies to someone who wishes they could have someone to who will never be theirs. Who they can only dream of having them but when they wake up the pain aches in so many ways that they wish they were still asleep.

I want to write about it because it theres not one time in my life where someone new comes into my life but always finds a way out and in most cases have hurt intentionally or leave without saying anything. It’s occurred to me that no matter who you are or where you come from it doesn’t matter you get hurt at least a few times in your life. Theres no much you can do about it, you definitely can’t prevent it. If you could imagine all the pain we would save ourselves from having in the future?

Though if you think about it that way, we would never learn. We wouldn’t learn who we are what we want. Learn what types of people there are in this world. That no matter who you are some people have no back bone or conscious. So in a way getting hurt & our hearts breaking it teaches us something may not be at the moment but it does help us when the future becomes the present.

Untouchable for me is that someone I once had slipped away slowly & gradually. I saw it coming, tried to prevent it. Tried to stop myself from hurting or anything happening. To not see it all happen & think I knew this was gonna happen so how come I couldn’t do it? Did I not try hard enough? Was I not good enough? It sucks so much.

Untouchable to me means that now that one person that I thought was gonna be someone I had for a while, I can only have them in my dreams. I see their face everywhere I go. With my head in the clouds thinking about how they are & how they’ve changed. How you look up at the sky at night & see a million little stars spelling out their name. How they once loved you but none of that means anything anymore.

How you both knew you wanted & loved each other so much but have too much pride to go back into one another’s lives. No matter how desperately or badly you want to be with that person. You just can’t seem to do it. Let me tell yo something that’s perfectly okay. I know how that feels. That position I just described is the same one I’ve been out in too many times.

I don’t know if you ever get over this feeling but it took me a while to get through with it. I hope this brought you some feeling that makes you cope or feel better.

Yours Always,



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